The end of my last “corporate” social media account

It’s been a few weeks since I got into a bit of drama on linkedin which resulted in being informed:

“Your account has been restricted”

when I tried to log in the next day (or something to that effect).

What Happened?

After Sarah Everard was murdered, there were loads of posts about her that appeared on my feed. Most of these I just went past, but one was by some woman, ranting that all men should be sent on a course explaining how to treat women!

So, I made a comment asking how exactly was that supposed to work?

  • How would success / failure be measured?
  • Who would go on this course first?
  • What would the course content be?
  • Who would deliver the “training”?

I also suggested that the idea was moronic (after being told to **** off by the original poster) and that a far better idea was teaching self defense / situational awareness.

Quite reasonable and actionable, I thought.

But then…

I got mobbed by a load of deranged / hysterical women, and a couple of beta males. It was ridiculous. I knew it wouldn’t end well, but I was committed by that point.

The Next Day

As I wrote at the beginning, I received a message telling me that my account had been restricted and linkedin wanted me to send a copy of my passport or some other ID to have the incident looked at.

No thanks.

And Now

I’m pleased I’m no longer on “the professional social network”, or however they pitch themselves. I never got any professional value from them in the couple of years I was there.

What I did get was:

  • a lot of virtue signalling from woke companies (not interested in that)
  • spam on a daily basis
  • saw a big increase in “social media experts” flogging their services
  • noticed that a lot of users are unhappy with the site as it now is