David Koresh Branch Davidians

I’ve now had three encounters with unpleasant, obnoxious Branch Covidians

Female Covidian 1

The first was a couple of months ago. I was waiting for my partner outside a shop (in a small shopping centre). It was only about 8am, so not busy and I was looking at emails on my phone.

A woman of about sixty-something years, stopped directly next to me and asked

Shouldn’t you have your mask on?

What? I replied. Who are you? I asked.

You should have your mask on!

I pointed out that other than her, there was no one around. So why would I have a mask on? And until she decided to bother me, it was just me.

This was my first direct encounter with one of these deranged, brainwashed Covidians.

Anyway, she just stood there looking at me. Really.

I told her if she was worried that I was maskless, she should really just keep moving. You know, to be safe.

But that isn’t what they’re about. They’re about recruiting members for their weird death cult.

She was expecting me to mask up, just because she wanted me to. Nope. Tea and a croissant were inbound so not a chance. She eventually moved on after being told to **** off.

Female Covidian 2

This was about a week or so after the first incident. My partner and I were walking through town (outside) and some Covidian woman had to wait by a bin, as we were walking side by side (as you do).

I’ve never understood the etiquette around Covid. I’ve never had a problem walking directly next to someone on the pavement like we used to do a year back.

So, this woman decided to wait to let us pass. I smiled at her, and she started muttering something about Covid under her breath! She had a mask on, we did not.

What!? I shouted as she went past us. More muttering and something else about Covid.

This happened outside by the way. In the fresh air. I said to the missus, “these people are getting worse!”

Male Covidian

There’s no fool like an old fool. Well, I met a male Branch Covidian today. This was the most bizarre, by far.

The missus and daughter had gone in to ASDA and I decided to wait outside, as it was sunny and had no interest in shopping.

I stood leaning against where the bike racks are. Out of the way of everyone. Minding my own business as I usually do. I’m enjoying the sun, looking around as you do, and some old boy of about seventy comes shuffling by.


I stare back.

As he goes past, he mutters something.

I shout out “what are you on about?”

He comes right up to me, and says

Where’s your mask?

I’m outside, I say. Don’t need one. Nor do you. Nor do any of these other people walking around without masks, outside.

I point to all the other normal people without masks, outside. But this joker has a hard on for me, for some reason.

Tells me we are should have masks on all the time! It’s common sense he claims.

Then he starts asking

  1. What I do for a living
  2. Where I went to school
  3. Was I bullied at school

I tell him I work for myself, which seems to puzzle him. When he asks what I do exactly, I tell him to mind his own business. Which he does. Then, bizarrely he suggests I was bullied in school (I wasn’t).

Luckily, the family are out now and I tell him he may want a new hobby, such as gardening, instead of bothering normal people in town centres as I walk away from the old fool.

These lunatics are desperate for a “third wave”, “fourth wave” and so on.


Pathetic and sad.