It’s quite a few years since I first came across “Ho’oponopono.” Like most people, I was introduced via Joe Vitale. As soon as I heard the proposition, it made sense to me.

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, here’s the gist:

Anything that you experience, through any medium, is your responsibility.

You’re watching TV and there’s a piece about a child murdered by their parents. Well, guess what? Now it’s your responsibility. There is some reason why you have experienced that story. With Ho’oponopono (English translation: “correction”) you internally say the following when you experience something that seems wrong, bad or undesirable:

1. I’m sorry
2. Please forgive me
3. Thank you
4. I love you

And that’s it. Vitale suggests (for the lazy like me) that it can be reduced down to:

1. I love you

And have the same effect. What effect? If I understand correctly, reducing the chance of this type of event from happening in the future(?). Cleaning it, in Ho’oponopono parlance. Acknowledging that you are responsible and will deal with it.

As I’ve believed this place is a virtual reality for many years now, this is logical from my standpoint. There is no difference to a fantasy that happens in your mind and an event in the “real world.” Neither one is “real.” Neither one is “unreal.” It’s all just data. And for 100% conclusive proof:

How many times have you woken from a dream, believing that it was real???

Lots of times! Your brain creates / decodes “reality”.

So therefore, anything that is in your reality (your head), has come from you. Literally. Further, anything that makes you uncomfortable or distresses you has also come from you and you need to “clean” it.

If I understand correctly, that is Ho’oponopono in a nutshell. And I think it’s true.

This only makes sense in a reality that is not objective. In an objective reality of course you are in no way responsible if someone decides to do something dreadful to X. They don’t state it explicitly, but for Ho’oponopono to be meaningful, reality must be subjective. And also the existence of a Creator is implicit. That is who you are directing your cleaning at.

If you want to hear from the source, just do a search for Hew Len on Youtube.