I bumped into Zippy today in ASDA. Whilst chatting about this and that, he asked who I’d seen lately. I mentioned that a few years back I had seen Lissa King in New Look (where she worked). He asked me if I knew she had died! Nope, I had no idea.

I spent many days and evenings with the Knopiks. Over the years we drifted away, as you do, but they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Dom, Ben, Josh, Callum, Georgia: I’m really sorry for your loss. I remember your Mum fondly and the world seems slightly less interesting without her in it. Here’s a drunken vid taken by me in 2006 of Ady, Lissa and Zippy at the Anchor on New Street:

Night Out

Happy times!

RIP, Lissa.