A Guide to Setting up WebDAV with Apache HTTPD

WebDAV – best thing since sliced bread!

A Guide to Choosing, Starting and Finishing Software Projects

tldr: It needs to be useful and have an audience

Ho'oponopono (Part 1)

It makes sense if you think about it

Using Alpine Email Client For Applying Patches

My new mercurial patch workflow

Send SMS from Linux Computer via ADB

That’s another itch, scratched.

Job Interviews are Idiotic

They’d be better off flipping a coin. Really.

SQlite Cheatsheet

Who doesn’t love a cheatsheet???

Get DKIM Working with OpenSMTPD

Anything is easy (in hindsight)

On the Pros and Cons of Software Testing

I understand the concept, just wonder if it’s worth the time

Encounters with Branch Covidians

These death cultists are getting more obnoxious