A few days ago, when I resurrected this blog, I decided to put a link at the bottom of each post to let interested readers send me a comment by email. Nothing fancy, just a mailto with the post title as the subject. I haven’t had any replies yet, nor any spam, but I’m surprised it isn’t more widespread what with the uptake of static site generators.

Have I missed something?


  • No need for a new account or a new service. Just utilise the email address everyone has
  • There are loads of programs for handling email, detecting spam etc.
  • It wouldn’t be too hard to have some email processing scripts on your server to regenerate the page when a comment comes in. A sort of static / dynamic website hybrid
  • For sites interested in having / building a mailing list, surely this would be the easiest way to get email addresses (with the users permission, obviously)

I’m honestly surprised that if I search for ‘static site commenting’ the first result is not:


Seriously, send me an email if you disagree!