Hi simon_harrison189@myemailprovider.com


It still amazes me when someone gives me an email address like the above. For the sake of a tenner a year, you can have your own memorable, personalised email.

A site that is really good for searching multiple domains is netim.com

Here’s a partial result for European domains for simonharrison:

simonharrison domains

simonharrison too long? Of course it is. Let’s try simonh:

simonh domains

These are only a small proportion of the results. The domains are split into geographical regions. Here is what we get for Oceania:

simonh oceania

I think you get the point.

mail@simonh.be is far better than simon_harrison189@myemailprovider.com

The other major benefit is that once you’ve registered a domain name, you can forward emails to your awful simon_harrison189@myemailprovider.com mail account. This way, you’ll only ever need one email address. I’ve been doing this since 2002!

As to which domain registrar to use, I use ovh and fasthosts. Make sure to shop around and compare prices before you sign up.