Email for Static Website Commenting

I think I might be on to something here…

Pelican Static Paths for Extra / Other Content

Go beyond posts and pages with STATIC_PATHS

Making Money Without a Job (Part 1)

Because quality of life matters more than a paycheck

Why You Should Always have a Static Personal Website

Speed, Simplicity, Security, Portability, Control

Interesting UNIX, BSD, Linux programs and Packages

A Post-it™ note for *nix stuff.

Mailutils - Tips and Tricks

Banned / Kicked off Linkedin

“Your account has been restricted.”

From Inbox Zero to Ten Thousand Unsorted Emails

Just breathe… It’s a backup!

OpenSMTPD for Outgoing Mail Only

Sending email should be easy

Mercurial for the Lone Coder

Learn to Love Revision Control